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From one of our many satisfied clients ...

Just wanted to let you know that a friend of ours from St. Joe's (Paul and Christine LeMoine) called me on the phone yesterday (while I was in car line to pick up Kal at his new school in Ft. Worth) and said she needed the name of my neighbor who helped us when our laundry room flooded (her son and Kal used to play on same softball team - so she remembered waaaay back when!!!)  Apparently she had tried to call and schedule help with two other water restoration companies - and neither of them were responsive. 

Anyway - since I was in the car and didn't have access to my phone book - I told her to google your company name but make sure to ask and make certain that it was James/Dawn Farley who were associated w/that particular franchise.  

Later that night she called and said she had done exactly that - and was SO VERY PLEASED at how SUPER RESPONSIVE your team was!  She said that there was a gentleman at her home within 10 minutes - and his work crew arrived 30 mins later!   It was a huge relief to someone who had been waiting by the phone all day for someone from any other company to call her back or show up!

Just wanted to let you know that we continue to be very proud to recommend you!!!